Action Sequences in Harry Potter Are More Important To Hollywood

From waving wands to racing brooms, the Harry Potter movies are chalk full of action. Thanks to the magic of Hollywood, fans are able to be spectators in a Quidditch match, experience double potions with Snape and feel the thrill of casting a spell. Making these books into movies changed the way we see this seminal series.

In spite of all that the silver screen brought to bear on Harry Potter, it seems that Hollywood did this at the expense Read the rest of this entry »

How Neville’s Snake-Slaying Moment Turned Meaningless On The Screen

In the both the book and movie versions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, one of the best and most satisfying moments is when Neville Longbottom, Harry’s clumsy, often inept classmate, kills Voldemort’s snake Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor. It marks the moment when Neville completes his transformation from bumbling comic relief to a true hero. However, some would argue that it isn’t nearly as cool and satisfying in the movie as it is in the book. Read the rest of this entry »

What A Mother’s Love Can Bring: A Lily/Narcissa Comparison

Fans of Harry Potter who wish to enjoy a better understanding of the characters and story telling elements that created such a beloved and enriching series may find great satisfaction with even a little research. Sites and resources that can offer a more detailed character analysis, new and unique insight about story elements that you may have missed and that may ensure you are able to enjoy a deeper and more effective understanding about such matters can be very important to fans. Finding others who share your interests or discussing your insight with other Read the rest of this entry »

More Than Just Pets: A Fawkes/Hedwig Comparison

Everyone knows that owls are dead useful and phoenixes are rare, but is there more to them than that? After all, both Hedwig and Fawkes show more personality than almost any other animals in the Harry Potter universe.

Both Hedwig and Fawkes show unwavering loyalty to their human companions, Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore. Hedwig ultimately gives her life to protect Harry in the movies. Fawkes is summoned by the loyalty Harry shows to Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Aside from their Read the rest of this entry »

Phoenix Rising: The Significance Of Dumbledore’s Bird Fawkes

Harry Potter draws many of its themes from mythology, so it is no wonder that Albus Dumbledore’s animal companion is none other than the phoenix, one of the most popular mythological creatures in the world. However, Rowling did not give Dumbledore a phoenix just because the phoenix is such an important creature. Every detail in the Harry Potter series, however minor, is carefully planned by Rowling.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is an immortal bird that is reborn from its ashes every time it dies. Like the Order of the Phoenix, the anti-Voldemort group, the phoenix must Read the rest of this entry »

The Music Of Harry Potter: An In-Depth Look

The soundtracks that comprise the Harry Potter franchise transports anyone from the doldrums of everyday life to the magic of the Harry Potter universe. All facets of life are aptly represented in the library of tunes from the films. Drama, action, and gala events are represented by the movie albums. Any day is made better by listening to these songs.

Whimsy is represented by the track “Gilderoy Lockhart”. Toe tapping light moments of merriment come to mind whenever this song is played. Anyone can ignore the troubles and trappings of the day when this is Read the rest of this entry »

Four Hero Archetypes In Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione And Neville

Archetypes are cornerstones of literature, and even the most popular books contain archetypes that are often thousands of years old. The Harry Potter series of books is no exception. Here are the four main characters of the Harry Potter series of books and how they conform to well-tested archetypes. Harry Potter is emblematic of the typical hero archetype. Initially reluctant to help and born under mysterious circumstances, local direct tv, Harry Potter overcomes adversity to become the hero of the story. Although he faces challenges and setbacks along the way, Harry is ultimately successful. Ron Weasley plays a role a faithful companion, a common archetype in literature. Although he squabbles with Harry on occasion, his presence is needed for Harry to succeed, and the outcome of the story would not be the same without Ron’s presence. Hermione Granger plays this archetype. By using intelligence instead of raw strength, Hermione is able to save Harry and others several times throughout the series. In addition, her sage advice is crucial for ultimate success. Neville Longbottom place the archetype of the seemingly inept character who ultimately saves the day. Although he struggles in his early years at Hogsworth Academy, his power is seen by the end of the story, and his presence was crucial for the forces of good to win.